ContextIsKey: Keyboard Adds Tone to Text w/ Fonts App Reviews

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Update ruined it

It was pretty cool and fun to use until an update removed the normal font.

New Users

This keyboard does not work as told in description described, not actually allowing you the use the product


You pay to get the app and them have to pay more to unlock other textes.

I hate it

I really wish I didn't waste my money on this app. You can get other WAY better than this for free. I didn't even mean to buy it, it's said "get" not "buy" so they are saying it's free when it's not.

No to "full access"

Without granting this app "full keyboard access" it is irrelevant and it does NOT do what it advertises. Privacy notices are meaningless and no 3rd party developer server may ever have access to my non-public sensitive information such as bank account numbers, passwords etc.

Amazing app

Greatest app I've downloaded in a long time!


Doesn't do as it implies on their website or instagram, you can't paste your text over someone else's .. it's just a regular keyboard with some fonts


Ok so this app said it was "free" so I looked it up and it said "get" not "buy" so I thought it was free so I got it. Next thing I know I get charged for this stupid thing! IT DIDNT TELL ME I HAD TO BUY THE APP!!!! DO NOT GET THIS APP!!!

Pretty cool

They need to have the blue background on the sticker so it looks better from the receivers point of view. Other than that it is great

Great app needs 2 changes.

This app is pretty cool and if you only want to send messages with unique fonts then it's great; however, if you'd like to mess with your friends and make them think they typed something different to you, there are two fixes that need to be made. 1. Developer, please add a functionality to change the background color of the sticker to the blue color outgoing texts have on iPhone. (This will make placing sticker over someone's text look like it's what they themselves typed) 2. Please remove the "sticker by contextiskey" from appearing on recipients screen. If these two things are done this app will easily be the best app I've used in a long time.


Can you make an option to turn the chat bubble blue. On my screen it looked like it worked but on my friends it was grey instead of the iMessage blue

his app doesn't work. that's all

does work it's literally a keyboard that does nothing


It's cool to troll your friends but please make a normal font that doesn't look weird

Cool app

Fun to mess with people and make it look like they typed something different

Clarity of emotion of text

No more second guessing what someone is feeling when they text you. ContextIsKey has made this crystal clear and simple to use


Great potential for objectifying pragmatic in the speech therapy world !


Amazing app! Why didn't anyone think of this sooner? Finally I can add context to my text messages!


An app that finally lets me express my mood with the point I want to make. 5 stars


People will understand my sarcasm!

Great idea

What a great idea and well executed app. Now my friends and family can know how I really feel in my texts !


Takes communication to a whole new level! Highly recommended!

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